Lake House Excerpt


Julia was halfway through the syllabus and mid-sentence when the classroom door burst open, drawing all eyes from her to the man bounding into the room. “Sorry I’m late. Traffic’s a bitch this time of night,” he said, tossing a smooth smile to the professor as he brushed past her. He slid between the tight rows of chairs. “Excuse me, sweetheart,” he said with a wink to the undergrad wearing skinnies, causing her to tuck a strand of blond hair behind her ear and blush. He sat down with a huff and slap of a notebook upon the desk, a satisfied grin spread across his face. Something in his arrogant manner registered within Julia, trying to summon a memory, but it vanished when she saw the man extend an open hand in her direction and raise his eyebrows.
“Are you granting me permission to continue speaking?” she asked, her voice icy.
“My apologies, Mrs….”
“It’s Doctor. Dr. Williams. And, you’re late.” She locked eyes with his brown ones, and something registered. Her heart froze, and she inhaled sharply, her eyes darting about the features of his face, the curl in his hair, that dimple.
It couldn’t be.


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