Sleep Description

Katherine (Kat) Whittemore, a girl who has just discovered seemingly horrifying secrets about herself, has fled her home and the man who loves her, Dr. James Blair, and now turns alone to Seven Dials, the slums of Victorian London. The Dials welcomes her as it does any other: with the slap of pain, suffering, and violence that has been known to kill its inhabitants. Kat summons the strength to face these obstacles alongside some friends she encounters along the way, but will this be enough to outlive the treacherous Dials? Meanwhile, James suffers in the wake of Kat’s absence until he receives an unexpected arrival from his past. He must now choose between the love of his life and the love of his youth.

Set against the perilous backdrop of both Seven Dials and Bethlem Royal Hospital, one of London’s homes for the mad, Sleep the Death addresses the power of love, including loving oneself, in the midst of all difficulties and realities. Join Kat on her journey of discovering if she has the power to love all parts of her life, including those she has run from.

Here is an excerpt.


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