Bedlam’s Daughter Description

Before there were talking mice and a fairy godmother, before a wicked stepmother and glass slippers, there was the truth. The actual events of the girl now known as Cinderella are darker still than folklore and more mysterious than magic. The true tale of the cinder girl takes place long ago where asylums and horrid tax collectors, madness and the bedridden come together to form a truly enchanting story that so moved those who lived it, a legend was born. But the truth has since become lost, and it is up to us to honor the real characters and setting of such a tale.

Set against the first ringing of Big Ben in 1859 (the clock which tolled at midnight) and a documented Christmas ball at asylum Bethlem Royal Hospital, BEDLAM’S DAUGHTER addresses the power of the mind and the harrowing impact of family secrets. Along the way, members of Bethlem’s history, such as Superintendent Dr. Hood and infamous criminal patient and painter Richard Dadd, help Katherine Whittemore — our heroine — on her journey of self-awareness.

Join Katherine on her walk through her own story as she faces losing a home to a tax collector, whose eyes and hands are too loose, and also as she falls in love with her father’s best friend and colleague, despite warnings from those in her household. Discover if she has the strength to accept the truth of herself and those around her and if she or any of us are solely defined by our secrets.

BEDLAM’S DAUGHTER appeals to those who love dark historical suspense, like The Night Circus, without the fantastical elements, as well as to readers of retellings, such as Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.

Here you may find an excerpt.



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